There are numerous styles and types of wallet available on the market but nothing beats the classic leather wallets. Today, the numbers of wallets available on the market for men who are fashion conscious are overwhelming. Cool wallets for men are status symbols that help to create an aura of elegance for anyone possessing one. Below is a list of 5 most cool wallets for men available on the market.

This luxury wallet comes with five slots and is made of genuine Nubuck leather. These wallets feature a simplistic and a modern design with a grey and brown leather. The inside features two separate bill compartments coupled with a see-through ID window.

Are you looking for a flashy wallet? The Calvin Klein wallet comes with a boldly printed CK logo. Its black and dark grey letters is one of the most distinct feature that helps the wallet stand out from the traditional designs. However, this wallet is quite sophisticated thanks to the touch of personality.
On the inside, the left side features four slots designed to accommodate your credit cards and ID. The right side has a small coin pocket. It is small in size and thus lighter on your back pocket. This makes it a great choice for people who do not carry a lot of stuff in their wallet.

Calvin Klein is not a stranger when it comes to men wallets. This cool wallet for men is ideal for any man on the go. With its black brown, dark and light gray is made of genuine leather. At 8.5 by 5.2 inches, this wallet is a bit larger compared to other wallets. However, the wallet is slimness and lightweight which is an added bonus.
In case you are looking for a durable leather wallet renowned for its extreme resistance, then you should try this Coach Signature Compact billfold wallet. This high-end wallet is guaranteed to withstand any element that comes its way. The wallet measure about 4.25 by 3.75 inches and provides adequate card storage as well as two separate bill compartments. This is the ultimate wallet for the modern day businessmen.


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